Spreading Sports Like Butter

28 04 2008

The wealth of information at our fingertips is unparalleled in sports.   The amount of analysis done on results of day-to-day job performance can give a headache to a drummer.  The countless hours fanatics spend watching and rewinding highlights, listening to sports talk radio, reading the sports section, youtube interviews and top 10s, researching historic stats and players, managing fantasy teams, and clicking through espn.com is a new phenomena. 

The amount we know about each player’s background, wife, whereabouts, feuds, and, oh yeah, on-field performance statistics, is borderline stalkerish. 

But we need it.  We love the game.  We buy the jerseys and wear them out of town.  The skill levels and physical conditioning is unmatched.   The intensity and passion of the moment is inspiring.  The uncertainty is intriguing.  The pride of our local teams unify our cities, regardless of cultural, economic, and social barriers.   Youthful fans emulate and dream while the veteran fans reflect and contexualize.  Debating the changing of eras, the changing of players, and watching rookies play with, then turn into, old vets.   The circular nature of sports folds the dimension of time and unifies generations.    

The overall marketing value of sports, not only financially, but also holistically in the community, is organically powerful and positive.  For some it’s an outlet – the alternate to slingin crack rock.  For others, like the shy youth, it’s the introduction to communication, teamwork, victory, failure, competition, sweat.  

Still… for some sports is unorganized, unknown, under-appreciated, unavailable.  Some have found out how to toast their bread – but now will see how tasty it is with butter. 

Here we celebrate the people, products, organizations and initiatives which have helped spread sports. We identify moments in history that have captured and illustrated the success of spreading sports globally. We profile the athletes and their personalities which have helped transcend sports, acquire new fans, and provide new insights and outlets for everyone.

The inaugural season of Sports Toast starts now.