NBA Tested. Brotherhood Ready.

19 11 2008

Adidas is a global leader and innovator.  They’re opening stores across the world, helping to spread sports not only through sales, but through inspiration!  They are helping bring all stars to various parts of the world – like bringing KG to India – and now this campaign for ’09.  We need it!

See below for more details on “NBA Tested. Brotherhood Ready.”

Twelve, unknown ball players from the U.S. and China will be featured alongside NBA stars Kevin Garnett, Gilbert Arenas, Dwight Howard, Tracy McGrady and Tim Duncan in adidas’ 2008-2009 start of season basketball campaign.  Themed “NBA Tested. Brotherhood Ready.” the campaign celebrates adidas Team Signature footwear and apparel made for the world’s elite athletes and ready for you and your Brotherhood.

In this campaign, adidas is bringing young players from the U.S. and China to the ultimate level of Brotherhood – the NBA – where the young athletes learn that no matter the level of play, basketball is a Brotherhood.

Captured in a four-part “NBA Tested. Brotherhood Ready.” film series, the young athletes’ side-by-side experience with the NBA stars brings to life the two playing styles a Brotherhood comprises: Commanders and Creators.  Their journey across the U.S. is documented and shared online at
Beginning in Washington DC, the young players learn the aggressively smooth and stealth-like approach to running the floor from the definitive Creator Gilbert Arenas.  Next, they travel to Orlando to learn what it takes to have unwavering physical presence and dominating effect in the paint from Commander Dwight Howard.  The athletes come together as a team of Commanders and Creators in Houston as they play with Commander Tim Duncan and Creator Tracy McGrady.  Ultimately, the journey concludes as a Brotherhood in Boston with Kevin Garnett.




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