Who’s The Boss?

12 05 2009


Any questions??

Alyssa Milano is a successful actress, sex symbol, fashionista, and young entrepreneur.  She’s famous for her role on “Who’s the Boss” and “Charmed”, and has stayed busy as a businesswoman, with her celebrity networking company,  and her popular website .

Here we will look carefully at Milano….and at the many ways she has managed to stay relevant and broaden her brand and audience by creatively using the long arm of sport.

Of course, maybe most famously, Milano is known to have a thing for pitchers…

Zito, Pavano, Penny, etc

Zito, Pavano, Penny, etc

Milano recently launched a baseball-themed apparel line called “Touch,” which opened a boutique store at the NY Mets Citi Field in April.


Her collection of headwear, apparel, and jewelery is sold at at the MLB.com Shop.


Alyssa is a regular Los Angeles Dodgers season-ticket holder, and also has an interesting MLB Blog.


She often joins the TBS broadcasting crews in the booth for playoff games.


In March 2009, Alyssa released her book, “Safe at Home: Confessions of a Baseball Fanatic.” Dodgers’ manager Joe Torre wrote the book’s Foreword. (The book is basically is a retrospective focusing on how the game has influenced her life. She’s warned that it’s anything but a tell-all about her relationships with star players such as Brad Penny and Carl Pavano.)


Alyssa Milano is blurring the lines between sports and hollywood, opening the baseball market to more women by introducing lines of fashion and jewelery, and overall broadening the audience and interest in sports by being so damn sexy!   Awesome!  We neeed it!