American Idol

25 06 2009

The multidimensional dynamics exemplified through sports is a microcosm of the society.

We often relate in our own way to player-team salary negotiations, hustle plays, dress codes, team names, drug tests, injuries, rehab, and even ethically, like debating what situations call for courtesy and which call for payback.

Well, our athletes, even those who are often considered the nicest, most hardworking, selfless, talented ones, also get busted by the long arm of the law.

Check out the SportsToast/BrownSkinZ Productions original video below:

Cam’ron, Doc Gooden, and Dwight Strawberry after the jump
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Dancing With the Stars

18 06 2009

The hit show has been largely successful because of their ability to integrate athletes, with all their star power and impeccable footwork, into the competitive world of dancing.

Check out some of these moves/audition tapes for the next season!

Joakim Noah after the Gators win

LeBron, Shaq, Dwight Howard Dance Off

Ochocinco and Usain Bolt await…
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Super stars and Spangled Banners

15 06 2009

Marvin Gaye at the 1983 NBA All Star Game.

Inspiration after the jump
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Lights, Camera, Action!

10 06 2009

Remember Keith Hernandez on Seinfeld?   Mike Piazza on Baywatch?   Ernie Banks on Mr. Belvedere?

Or What about The Greatest on Different Strokes?


Or Joe Namath on The Brady Bunch?

courtesy of

courtesy of

Of course, the original reality TV was sports, and the stars were the athletes!  So, it’s only fitting that they entered the TV Sitcom world. Check out some interesting TV appearances from baseball’s biggest stars.

Sandy Koufax and the LA Dodgers on a hilarious episode of Mister Ed

More famous appearances after the jump
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2 06 2009

Great job by SNY to incorporate some of the city’s immigrant essence into their commercial spots.

Hilarity ensues with the new local sports shop, New York New York Sports Sports

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