American Idol

25 06 2009

The multidimensional dynamics exemplified through sports is a microcosm of the society.

We often relate in our own way to player-team salary negotiations, hustle plays, dress codes, team names, drug tests, injuries, rehab, and even ethically, like debating what situations call for courtesy and which call for payback.

Well, our athletes, even those who are often considered the nicest, most hardworking, selfless, talented ones, also get busted by the long arm of the law.

Check out the SportsToast/BrownSkinZ Productions original video below:

Cam’ron, Doc Gooden, and Dwight Strawberry after the jump

“Yes I flip that white pudding, but I swear I wish I met Dwight Gooden, to show him that my pitch is better, bring Strawberry dawg, I’ll be rich forever”
– Cameron Giles


(Click the picture for the song)




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