Oprah to Coach the Bulls!

26 05 2011

Can you imagine…

But on a real note, for the past 25 years Oprah has helped showcase athletes and bring their stories, triumphs and challenges to her massive audience.

From Magic to Tiger, LeBron to Laveranues, Oprah Winfrey has shared her Chicago stage with the top athletes of her time.

Check out ESPN’s feature on the best athlete interviews in Oprah’s 25-year career.

And after the jump, read the full one-on-one interview she did with legend Michael Jordan
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China Ball

17 05 2011

Props to Deco Turf – these guys built 40 courts, side-by-side, in Foshan, Guangdong (southern China).

In 2011, the Chinese government estimates that 300 million people play basketball in China.

89% of Chinese people ages 15 to 54 are more aware of the NBA the any other sporting body.

During the 2007 NBA All-Star Game, the player who received the most votes was Yao Ming, the hero of Chinese basketball and the first Chinese-born athlete to play fruitfully in the NBA.

Nike sponsored the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA), China’s first professional basketball league, upon its founding in 1995, paying $2.5 million to outfit all eight teams over the first four years of the competition.

Duke Men’s Basketball will travel and play in China in August 2011.


Rest in Peace to the Late Bob Marley… Pardon me y’all, the Great Bob Marley

11 05 2011

February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981

The Legendary Spirit, the God, the Jamaican singer and songwriter, the Genius, The Great Bob Marley passed on May 11, 1981.  He was 36.

Marley was an avid soccer player and fan.  While playing soccer during his European tour in July of 1977, Marley injured his toe and was soon diagnosed with acral lentiginous melanoma.  Over the years, the cancer spread from his toe to his lungs and brain.

Marley’s last words to his son, Ziggy Marley, were “Money can’t buy life.”

Geethu Anna Jose, 1st Indian to try out for US Basketball League

4 05 2011

She only has 1.2 billion people on her back!

Indian women’s captain, former Australian league MVP, Geethu Anna Jose, 25, is trying out for WNBA teams.  Get to know her!