HOF Requirements: Be The Best for a few or Above Average for..ever

27 07 2011

Netherlands-born pitcher Bert Blyleven was a model teammate and has been a great ambassador for baseball.

But, does astonishing longevity now qualify you as a Hall Of Fame pitcher?

Things done changed!

Bert won 20 games once (20-17), never won a CY Young, and averaged 34 starts and 12 losses per year, but had an incredibly long 24-year career.  Koufax is interesting from the other side, as he was mythically, historically, the definition of dominant for a few years, and the “just” the best pitcher in baseball for almost a decade, but then because of arthritis he was out of of baseball in 12 seasons.   So who’s a HOFer?

Here’s a look Hall of Famer, Brooklyn’s own Sandy Koufax.   Koufax, a Jewish left-hander, won the Cy Young and pitching triple crown in 3 of his final 4 seasons, and pitched 4 no-hitters in his short career.

1963: 25-5 with 306 strike-outs, 1.88 ERA, and 11 shutouts in 311 innings
1964: 19-5 with 223 strike-outs, 1.74 ERA, and 7 shutouts in 223 innings
1965: 26- 8 with 382 strike-outs, 2.04 ERA, and 27 complete games in 335.2 innings
1966: 27- 9 with 317 stike-outs, 1.73 ERA and 27 complete games in 323 innings

I guess I’ll go with both.




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