Braylon or Plaxico?

29 07 2011

Both are big, tall, fast wide receivers.  Both were top-10 draft picks, and both wear Jersey #17.   Braylen Edwards went to Michigan, Plaxico Burress starred at Michigan State.   Braylon went to Cleveland, Plax in Pittsburgh.  Both found their way to New York.  Plax is out of jail, Braylon is on Twitter – @officialbraylon

And now, both are free agents.  Who would you sign?

Plax has had a more storied career, performed in the big moments, and brought the NY Giants a Superbowl in 2007.  He’s also been in jail for the past 2 years and will be 34 at the start of the NFL season.

Braylon has dropped balls, in some big moments, his whole career.   His 2007 season, with 16 touchdowns and 1,289, was Pro-Bowl worthy.  Thats almost a Jerry Rice season… almost.  He has been dedicated on the field and he’s 28 years young.

Right now, I love Plax, but…. I’d sign B Easy!




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