Miami Dolphins’ Superstars – Steven Ross, J Lo, Gloria Estefan, Venus and Serena, Fergie…and Ricky Ross

24 08 2011

Steven Ross paid approx 1.1 billion to buy a 95% stake in the NFL’s Miami Dolphins in 2009.  The Dolphins had their highs in the seventies, when they were coached by Don Shula, had an undefeated season (1972), and won 2 Superbowls, including their last one – Superbowl VII in 1973.   Ross, a New York real estate mogul, says that most owners get into professional team ownership because of the passion and their desire to get on the ballfield, not necessarily for the bottom line.  But, it is still a business.  Ross has been instrumental in bringing attention to the NFL in South Florida, particularly by negotiating minority ownership deals with an impressive list of successful and powerful women in the music, sports, and entertainment world.

Miami Dolphins part owners include tennis superstar sisters Venus and Serena Williams, Latin singer Gloria Estefan and husband Emilio, Jennifer Lopez, Mark Anthony, and singer Jimmy Buffett.  Most recently, Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie was also brought onboard.

Hit the jump to read a letter from Steven Ross to the Miami fans, and see another Ross, Miami-based rapper Rick Ross, go behind the scenes at a recent Dolphins preseason game…

Steven Ross’ letter to fans




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