Where is he now?

11 02 2009

He was drafted by MLB’s San Diego Padres and the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers

Earned a Mathematics and History degree

Has a set shot like he was setting up a spike in beach volleyball

Sasha Pavolvic supposedly stole his girlfriend

Named after a Roman Emperor who is known for, amongst other things like rebuilding the ancient city of Rome, his fondness for booze and boys…<pause>


In case you’re are asking yourself:  Where is Trajan ‘The Alaskan Assassin’ Langdon… Here he is folks:


He’s balling with the European League’s biggest budget team, CSKA Moscow.

After playing in Italy and Turkey, he’s settled comfortably in the Russian climate.

His team won the Euroleague championship on 07/08 and he was named MVP for the Euroleague Final Four, proving that he is still a standout on a winning team

More, importantly.. here is the big budget cheerleading squad.   I’ll put in my vote for Valeria