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7 09 2012

Chicks dig the long ball

10 08 2010

Whats the problem with PEDs?  Seriously?

Babe Ruth never faced the best pitchers from the Negro League, let alone the star pitchers from DR and around the world.  Hank Aaron, 25-time All Star, played on a field in Milwaukee that was 315 ft to Left Field and 315 ft to Right Field.

Times were different, competition was different, of course steroids, the clear, the cream, dust, juice, or dropping squares of Acid may all help increase performance, reduce anxiety, speed up recovery, but they only help great players realize their full potential.  The same way well informed training staffs, studying game film, improving workout regimes, encouraging healthier diets also help players – they dont make bad players great.   Nobody is putting Bret Boone in the Hall of Fame because of his 3 great years.   Bonds and McGwire are legends.   Period, no asterisk.

Here’s a classic Nike commercial.

props: The Stabbing Pen