Hear The Throne

11 08 2011

(Kanye) Sorry I’m in pajamas but I just got off the P.J. / And last party we had, they shut down Prive (JZ) Ain’t that where the Heat play? Ni**as hate ballas these days (KW) Ain’t that like Lebron James? (JZ) Ain’t that just like D. Wade? Wait.


Double Dumb and Dumber

21 02 2011

Will the real Fat Head stand up! Lebron, Gilbert, or Benedict?

1 10 2010

The sports memorabilia business Fathead Inc., a company owned by Cleveland Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert, offered LeBron James wall graphics online Friday at price reduced from $99.99 to $17.41.  Famous traitor Benedict Arnold was born in 1741

Dancing With the Stars

18 06 2009

The hit show has been largely successful because of their ability to integrate athletes, with all their star power and impeccable footwork, into the competitive world of dancing.

Check out some of these moves/audition tapes for the next season!

Joakim Noah after the Gators win

LeBron, Shaq, Dwight Howard Dance Off

Ochocinco and Usain Bolt await…
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