BrownSkinZ – Left to Write – Demonstration

27 07 2010

Here is a compilation of tracks done by Mr BrownSkinz, along with a bunch of talented artists, engineers, DJs, and producers around the world.  If you need .mp3s or any additional tracks or info, please comment or contact me.  Also, make a contribution to support this demonstration below!

Turn it up and Enjoy!


01 – BrownSkinZ – Champions

“Warming uP!  Originally recorded for the Fresh Prince of Bombay Mixtape


02 – BrownSkinZ featuring J Nice, B Nice – Born (Again)

“Recorded mid-June 2010 at Play Studios in NYC.   One of my favorites.”


03 – BrownSkinZ – Our Story (The Anthem)

“An instant anthem for all displaced Indians and immigrants!  Side note: Bengali girls love me now!”


04 – BrownSkinZ – Passin’ By

“For all those in love… this is a diss song. lol.  Recorded this after a break up”


05 – BrownSkinZ feat J-Nice, B-Nice – Who Dat (extended birthday freestyle)

“This is the latest recording.  It goes B, then J, then the BrownSkinz 10-minute monologue. lol.  ”


06 – 4 Corners (B Eveready, BrownSkinz, J Nice, Sa’ J)  – Flawless

“Recorded in Pittsburgh, props to the sharpest Corners, producer J.Brown, and the Jackson 5”


07 – BrownSkinZ featuring I.K., Monkey Mindz – Just Do It

“Linked with 2 of my homeboys from the UK and recorded this on Halloween night in Mumbai City”


08 – BrownSkinZ – Flippin Dreams freestyle

“Off the margin rap…soul asylum”


09 – 4 Corners – Confessions of an MC

“Roll Call for the Corners.  Recorded in 2005.. the start of progression!”


10 – J Nice aka Wash Post – Spittin’

“Props to J.  One of the sharpest MCs alive!  He recorded this in a dorm room in 2002… and they sampled one of those jewelry music boxes”


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599…and counting!

22 07 2010

Good luck to Alex Rodriguez!  Make History!

Roc Boys (A-Rod, Jay-Z, CC)